Comment on Others’ Blogs

There are millions of blogs out there. There are many people, worldwide, who are searching for the truth. Some even blog their thoughts and feelings. There are also those of other faiths who may recognize the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ if told about it.

Sincerely reach out. Don’t use your participation on their blog as just a means to “get converts.” Become friends, and authentically try to help. You have tools to help and cope that could be valuable to the blogger even if they don’t listen to your message. Besides, remember that if people take a deep interest in the gospel, it’s not your job to give the discussions. Only the full-time missionaries have the authority to do that. Your role is, when they’re ready, send the missionaries to them.

Use the comments to tell us how things or going. You can also share thoughts on your own blog and link to them in the comments.

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