Answer the Question They Should Have Asked

When someone asks you a question they shouldn’t have asked, you answer the question they should have asked. Don’t get defensive. Just answer the question as if it had been an honest inquiry.

Photo by Laenulfean on flickr

For example, if someone says, “Why does the church force people give all their money to the church?”

Don’t get defensive. Pretend their question was, “What is tithing? What’s it’s purpose?”

Obviously the second question is much easier to answer, and it doesn’t put you in a defensive mode.

Another example:
Someone asks, “Why do the mormons need another billion dollar temple, and keep everyone but other mormons out?”

Pretend they said, “What is the purpose of temples? Why does the church emphasize temple work so much? How does one qualify to enter the temple?”

See? Same question, really, but answering the second will help you keep your cool, answer honestly, and maybe even bare testimony. Remember that on most forums, networks, and websites, the author of the question is not the only reader. How you frame your response will say as much about you and the church as what you say.


Introducing LDS Internet Mission

LDS Internet Mission

In this MP3, I discuss LDS Internet Mission, and the LDS Internet Mission Facebook page. Please jump in! It’s going to be great!

Welcome to LDS Internet Mission!

LDS Internet Mission is a place for members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to coordinate efforts to share the gospel across the Internet.

LDS Internet Mission is not owned or run by the church, and all content is the responsibility of the individuals involved.

There are tons of sites out there with helps for sharing the gospel on the Internet, but there isn’t anywhere I can find to coordinate efforts. I hope this can be such a place.

The website will be used to discuss specific areas (Internet sites and blogs where some gospel sharing is needed) and the Facebook page will be used to discuss general stuff, get help answering people’s questions, asking for help, etc.

The “Letters” page will be a place people can share articles, ideas, thoughts, and tips on sharing the gospel online.